Most Realistic Basant Game Made For Mobile
Many Offline & Online Modes to Play With
In Hindi & Urdu Sound Effects
Reward Wheel, Daily Rewards & Much More
Unique & Beautiful Scene Designs
Real Kites of Pakistan, India, Brazil, Indonesia & Bangla
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Game Features

Play Offline & Online
Reels You Can Use
– 1000 Metres Reel
– 2000 Metres Reel
– 3000 Metres Reel
Kites You Can Use
Pariyan, 1 Tawa, 1.5 Tawa, 2.5 Tawa, 5 Tawa, 10 Tawa, 6 Githi Tukals
Pistol, Fireworks, Hooter Bajja, More will be added in new updates
How to game:
– Buy Kite & Reel From Bittu Kite Shop (In-Game)
– Click on Play
– Choose Your Kite & Reel

Basant Mela is Realistic Kite Flying and Fighting Simulator With Hindi & Urdu Voice Effects and have Easy but Challenging Control System you can Battle with other kites in day /night mode in offline section, or you can join play online multiplayer matches with other kite fighters in different modes and levels. You can Choose different kite Designs, Manjhas, Guns, Hooters, and Fireworks to make your basant take more realistic.
Basant Fighting Kites is the most popular festival sports in Pakistan. Indian Punjab In many other countries, kite flying takes place mainly during specific festivals particularly the spring festival is known as Basant, during the month of February.
Kite flying in Pakistan is a social event that happen once in a year. Lahore is considered as kite batting in south Asia. In the past, kite battling had a status of sports in Lahore.