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RiveScript is a text-based scripting language meant to aid in the development of interactive chatbots. A chatbot is a software application that can communicate with humans using natural languages such as English in order to provide entertainment, services or just have a conversation.

Just Run the Program, Simply Fill up all the Introduction of your Chatbot, then Customize Color Scheme of your Chatbot in Seconds & write all the Q/A in EAIScript Language & then export your chatbot and upload it to your site.

Yes You Can Save/Load Your Written RiveScript to use later however you want and whenever you need in .eai format.

RiveScript is the Simplest Chatbot Language that anyone can Learn To Code if you wished to learn Advanced RiveScript then you need to Click Here.

What is RiveScript?

RiveScript Stands For Efface Artificial Intelligence Script and it’s a content-based scripting dialect intended to help in the improvement of intelligent chatbots.

How about we compose our initial couple of lines of RiveScript code!
In Q/A’s Tab Write This :
+ what is your name
– My Name is Efface Chatbot


Add The Symbol (+) Before any Question (Like Above)
Add The Symbol (-) Before any Answer (Like Above)

Do Not Write Questions In Capital or Use Uppercase

Random Replies:
You Can Add Multiple Answers to the Same Question for random replies. Making your bot dependably react the very same approach to something the client says will get exhausting truly rapidly. Thus, RiveScript makes it simple to add random replies to a trigger!

add the following lines to add random replies it:

+ how are you
– I’m great, how are you?
– I’m good, you?
– Good 🙂 you?
– Great! You?
– I’m fine, thanks for asking!

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