messenger bot
messenger bot

Ever wanted to get an Messenger Bot that lets you message Messenger users and promote you and your business?

Efface Studios always try to make life easy with their Bot and other products, it doesn’t matter if you are an individual or a business person because Efface Messenger Bot is for everyone!

Efface Messenger Bot

Features of Efface Messenger Bot

  • Send Message to Unlimited Users
  • Send Unlimited Messages
  • Create List of Random Messages and Send Randomly
  • Import/Export Messages & Users List
  • Send Message to all your inbox conversations
  • Target Specific profile by Username or ID
  • Now with Built-in Browser (No Need of any browser or drivers)
  • Delay Feature


Requirements to Run the Bot Application

  • .Net Framework 4.8 which is already included in the main file that you will buy or you can also download it from HERE
  • Visual C++ Redistributable from HERE