How to Make Any Software/Game Portable Easily in Few Clicks


  • Winrar Only

Here are The Steps

  • Make Sure You Have Winrar Installed
  • Search for software/App/Game directory you want to create it Portable
  • Press Ctrl + A or Select All Manually with Your Mouse
  • After Selecting, right click and select “Add to Archive”.
  • At the winrar window, select the tab “General” select “Create SFX Archive”, do not click “OK” first.

On the tab “Advanced”, click on “SFX Options”.

  • In the newly opened window select “General” tab, select “Create in the current folder”. After that, you need to enter the filename of the software that will be executed with the file extension (usually. Exe) in “Run after extraction” text box.The name you write in this section must be equal to the program. For example, if the file name of the software that will be executed ‘YahooMessenger.exe’, then you must write the exact same name (YahooMessenger.exe) in this section

  • Go to the tab “Mode” and select “Unpack to temporary folder” and “Hide all together”. In the old version Winrar enter the tab “Update” and select “Overview all files”. In newer versions, this option is available in the tab “Mode” in the “Overwrite mode”.

  • Now under the tab “Text and Icon”, select “Browse” the second to select the appropriate icon for your portable applications with the extension. Icon from your computer. If you do not have an icon on your computer, search and download the icons with the extension.

  • Now click OK. the new file will be created on Your File Location. This file is a portable file of your application.

Or Watch This Tutorial Video:

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  1. Sparrowhawk

    This does not work at all. Tried on several different games. Nothing.

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