OrangeX Advanced browser


Fast, secure, easy-to-use browser OrangeX browser is everything you need to do more on the web. Now with a built-in OrangeX Internet Security. This Browser is Written in Visual Features: New Tab, Close Tab Menu Settings History Bookmarks Downloads Downloader Search From Google, Youtube, Bing Search Settings Can Be Changed From Settings Menu OrangeX Internet Security. IE Based Browser. and Some Other Features. _

Note: Project is Incomplete but Includes 85% Features that are Written Above. This Was Our First Project and We Lost The Completed Project So We Decided to Share This Project to You. It Can Help You in Some Ways Like History, Tab, Bookmarks etc…

But Still, You Can Download Full Version OrangeX Browser Without Source Code (Because Full/Completed Source Code is Lost)

Download Executable File From Here or This Site:

Download Source Code from If Link Does Not Work GitHub






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