Ever Wished To Monitor What Your Staff or Company Employees Doing on Their Workstations? or you wanted to show someone what you are doing on your desktop? if Yes then SCREEN SNIPER is what you ever Wished for.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q (1) : How it Works?

Answer : Once the software is installed on the employees computer you want to monitor, they will Run the Application and Press (Start Server) Button, then the Application will Start Streaming Their Screen(s) and Open it on a Default Browser of User’s Workstation, then User Can Send that link to you & you can Start Monitoring Easily!

Q (2) : Will the web browsers require any plug-ins be installed, or would it be a direct stream?

Answer : Direct Stream/Monitor (No Additional Browser Plugins Require For Streaming or Monitoring)

Q (3) : Will this only be viewable from within the local network or can it be view remotely from outside the local network?

Answer : It’s Viewable Within Local Network (Users Connected with Same Internet Connection)

Q (4) : would you just need to open ports on the router and forward to the proper IP address and port?

Answer : it’s basically going to run a mini web server on the remote computer. So for remote viewing off the local network (Nothing to do with any Device)

Q (5) : Can We Set a Password on it?

Answer : its Optional, Users Can Set the Password on SCREEN SNIPER Specifically everytime before they start streaming, in order to Monitor the Streaming, the User (Receiver) will be asked to enter the Same Password that Streamer Generated before Streaming!


Run Application : .NET FRAMEWORK 4.6 OR HIGHER

Modifying Sourcecode : VISUAL STUDIO 2015 OR HIGHER