WP Chatbot Builder

It is not just a chatbot but a chatbot builder so can now build as many chatbots as you want for your all websites that gives you full options to do changing like color preferencesName & Subheading text, option to add a custom Link, Images, Videos, Buttons and more… 

Easy to Customize

Very Easy

No technical knowledge is required. Just change & Save!

Any Theme

It works with any WordPress theme you want to use in.

Visual Design

Redesign the chatbot with a few clicks.

Responsive Design

It has responsive design means it will work on every type of screen size.

You have the full control of the Chatbot

Let’s see why WP Chatbot Builder is best for you! Here are some key features.

Manage The Changes

Keep all the changes in your control, Modify them whenever you want.

Contact Option

You can also add the contact link to your chatbot so that the user can chat with you too whenever they want. e.g. Messenger, WhatsApp, Website Contact Page, etc...

Styling the Chatbot

Keep all the changes in your control, Modify them whenever you want.

Responsive Design

Build a responsive chatbot that works on every type of screen size. mobile, tablet, PC & more...

Train the Chatbot

Teach the chatbot anything you want easily by just adding questions & answers to it.

Live Preview or Live Testing

Save the time by previewing the changes you make and testing whatever the chatbot learned from you even before saving & publishing the chatbot to the users.

Live Preview

WP Chatbot Builder has a Live Preview so that you can save your time & see the changes you make and test whatever your chatbot has learned from you before saving & publishing it to the users. 

Easy to Teach

You can easily teach your chatbot whatever you want

+ user question

– bot answer

See? How Simple it is to teach your chatbot

Let’s teach the chatbot a simple question
+ hello bot
- Hello, Human!
Just write hello bot and press enter you will see the bot reply *Hello, Human!*

Random Replies

Making your bot always respond exactly the same way to something the user says will get boring really quickly. For this reason, WP Chatbot Builder makes it easy to add random responses to a trigger!
+ how are you
- I'm great, how are you?
- I'm good, you?
- Good :) you?
- Great! You?
- I'm fine, thanks for asking!
Now the bot will reply randomly every time if you ever ask *how are you*

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